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Partial Knee Replacement

The knee can be divided into three compartments: Patellofemoral, the compartment on the front of the knee which contains the knee cap, medial compartment, the compartment on the inside of the knee, and lateral compartment which is the area on the outside of the knee joint.

Partial Knee Replacement

Traditionally, a patient with arthritis in only one of the three compartments would undergo a replacement of the entire knee, or Total Knee Replacement, even if the other two compartments were normal. Partial Knee Replacement is a minimally invasive surgical option that preserves the knee parts not damaged by arthritis, as well as the stabilizing anterior and posterior cruciate ligaments, or ACL and PCL. This means that a knee with a partial replacement usually feels and moves more normally, because more of the normal knee is preserved. This less invasive bone and ligament preserving surgery is especially useful for younger, more active patients as the partial knee implant more closely mimics normal knee mechanics than does a total knee implant.

The smaller implants used with a partial knee replacement surgery are customized to the patient's anatomy based upon CT scans of the patient's knee.    Partial knee replacement surgery will not alter the ability of the patient to eventually move to a Total Knee Replacement in the future should that become necessary.

The CONFORMIS iUni is a uni-compartmental knee resurfacing device designed for patients with osteoarthritic damage limited to either the medial or lateral compartment.   The CONFORMIS iDuo is a bi-compartmental knee
resurfacing device designed for patients with arthritic damage to either the medial or lateral compartment plus the patellofemoral compartment located behind the knee cap.

Partial Knee Resurfacing Patient Information GuidePartial Knee Resurfacing Patient Information Guide

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